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Last Updated November 19th 1995 @ 1:30 PM EST



The release of Windows 95! (August 25th 1995 @ 12:13 PM EST)

Microsoft unveiled their newest OS in the Windows series 2 days ago, and I can already tell that this one is going to be a hit. The library has not yet upgraded to Windows 95 but speaking with the IT department head, he says it will be happening soon! My personal computer at my house is still running Windows 3.0, a bit dated but it gets the job done. Windows 95 also introduces a revolutionaty new feature called the "Start Menu" basically, it is a place that holds easy access to everything your computer holds,suck as your programs and settings. It replaces the old program manager from previous versions of the operating system. On the other wing, there are Macintosh fans who say that Microsoft copied directly from Apple, like the GUI. I personally don't think anyone should directly own the rights to the graphical user interface, but playing devil's advocate, I can say that Microsoft may have borrowed some ideas from our friends at Apple.


Website Updates (July 9th 1995 @ 11:09 AM EST)

Just some routine updates to my website, I figured I would add a background image to spruce the place up a bit. I found some cool patterns on my PC and I thought it would look nice if I added it

: D

Welcome To My Website! (July 3rd 1995@ 2:45 PM EST)

So, I finally got around to making my own webpage, or well I did not have a internet connection to even do so. My local library has a setup of computers, each with Microsoft Front Page installed, I figured now would be a perfect time to do something like this. I do have a computer at home, but alas no internet access available. I've been teaching my self FrontPage for about 2 hours now and I finally think I got the start to something good. Website coding really isn't as hard and intimidating as it sounds on paper, all you need is the right tools!